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Providing Experienced Representation To Homeowners Associations

In many communities throughout Florida, a homeowners association (HOA) sets out guidelines and rules that homeowners are expected to follow. Whether you are involved in an HOA that is new and just setting up its documents or an existing HOA that needs help with legal matters, turn to our experienced firm for professional representation.

Based in Lakeland and representing HOAs throughout the surrounding communities, we at Robert J. Stanz, P.A., are committed to tailoring the services we provide to suit your individual HOA’s situation and needs. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the Florida laws that pertain to HOAs and can ensure that you understand how those laws apply to your organization.

As a testament to the detail-oriented and quality representation that we offer HOAs, we currently represent over 20 homeowners associations for various matters. Our firm is their go-to legal counsel for day-to-day operation matters as well as issues that arise suddenly.

Services We Offer In HOA-Related Cases

There are many issues that can arise for an HOA that need attention from an attorney. We handle all these issues, including:

  • Assistance with a board of directors’ management practices and compliance with Chapter 720 of the Florida statutes and governing document
  • Representation of homeowners with grievances against HOAs
  • Preparation of an initial governing document, including the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs); the articles of incorporation; and bylaws
  • Assistance with turnover meetings and the drafting of amendments
  • Litigation involving homeowners

How We Can Help Your HOA

When homeowners associations need help drafting and enforcing community rules or resolving legal disputes, they can turn to an attorney for help. Our firm represents HOAs that have purview over apartment complexes, condominiums, town home communities and planned communities alike.

When HOAs are formed, there are a lot of legal documents that need to be drafted and signed, and they all have to comply with local and state guidelines. These documents can range from articles of incorporation to CC&Rs. Because of the depth and complexity of these documents and the fact that signees are legally bound to these contracts once they are signed, it’s important that they get drafted, reviewed and submitted by a professional.

Talk To Us About Your Legal Needs

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