Business Formation

Creation of  and consulting on corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and limited liability companies.


Drafting, reviewing and coordinating the execution of agreements between multiple parties.


Representation of lenders regarding their rights when a borrower defaults; representation of borrowers who have have disputes with their lender.

Green and Sustainable Development

Advocating and implementing cutting edge environmentally sound planning and development practices.  Member of the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Homeowner Associations

Assistance with Board of Directors’ management practices and compliance with Chapter 720 of the Florida statutes and governing documents; representation of homeowners with grievances against HOAs; preparation of initial governing document, including Declaration of Covenants,  Conditions and Restrictions, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; assists with the drafting of amendments, as well as turnover meetings.  We currently represent over twenty homeowners’ associations for various matters.

Insurance (Bad Faith Claims)

Insurance carriers have a duty of  “good faith” to their customers, therefore it is very troubling when an insurance company refuses to pay a legitimate claim.  An insurer may be acting in bad faith if the insurer delays, discounts or denies payment of a valid claim without a reasonable basis for its delay, discounting or denial. 

Land Use and Zoning

Assists land owners and business owners with issues related to local and state land development regulations, municipal codes and permitting.


Preparation and prosecution of civil lawsuits for plaintiffs and defendants.

Mortgage Law and Finance

Preparation and review of loan documents.

Private Wealth Services

Wealth Preservation consists of a multi-disciplinary approach to obtaining, maintaining and preserving assets.   Most individuals know that their personal residence is their most valuable asset, receiving special protection from creditors under Florida law.   As for your other valuable assets, including investments, savings, personal property, I recommend a thorough review of your estate plan and asset protection strategy.


Assists with the probate of decedent’s estates.

Real Estate

We can represent you from contract to closing (and afterwards, if necessary) regarding the purchase, sale or leasing of real estate;  our clients have combined real estate assests worth over a 500 million dollars.

Title Claims (Real Estate)

We resolve issues related to MRTA, undisclosed easements, mineral interests, boundary fences, legal descriptions and any other issue that may arise related to a title insurance claim.

Title Insurance

We are an Old Republic title agent and have been handling complex real estate matters for over ten years.

Wills and Trusts

We assist individuals, families and loved ones with estate planning.   Estate planning should not be taken lightly.  We recommend discussing your proposed estate plan with an attorney (don’t put this off).